1-On-1 Consulting Calls

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1-On-1 Consulting Calls

Dennis Demori
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Everyone knows what it feels like to be stuck. 

Usually, it's because you're lacking clarity. 

These calls are meant to get you "unstuck" so you know what to do next. 

Who I Can Help

These calls are meant for:

  • Tiny online business owners (You have a team of no more than 5 full-time employees)
  • Solopreneurs (freelancers, coaches, consultants, authors, digital product creators)
  • Anyone thinking of starting their own online, one-person business (college students, 9-5ers, etc)

I've worked with clients in over a dozen niches and business models, from Wall Street consultants to music instructors and freelance copywriters.

These calls are NOT meant for larger companies, including agencies. I may be able to offer some guidance, but this call is aimed at the people listed above.

How I Can Help You

  • How to get clients
  • How much to charge
  • How to choose your niche
  • How to build your audience
  • How to create and sell your own products or services
  • How to quit your job — forever — and make the transition to running your online business
  • How to plan your email promotions from start to finish, plus what to say in each email to get people to click and buy.

I've been an Email Marketer since 2017 which means I can also help you plan your email campaigns. Here are some examples:

  • Daily email blasts
  • Evergreen promotions
  • New product launches
  • Welcome Series automations
  • Holiday campaigns (e.g. Black Friday/Cyber Monday)

I usually work with online coaches and consultants, so if you need help with ecommerce email marketing, I can offer some basic guidance, but I'm not a specialist.

I've also helped clients:

  • Boost their productivity (while working less)
  • Plan and execute their social media campaigns (e.g. zero to $30K in 4 weeks)
  • Create action plans to quit their jobs, build an online audience and start making sales

Finally, I can ALSO help you in the following areas:

  • Product launches
  • Affiliate promotions
  • Building a 30-90 day promotional calendar
  • Creating and optimizing offers (including bonuses, upsells and downsells)
  • Creating sales letters (like the one you're reading right now)

How It Works

STEP 1: After you purchase this offer through Gumroad, I'll follow-up with you within ONE business day. 

For 1-hour and 2-hour calls, you'll get an automated email with a link to short intake form so I can understand your situation.

STEP 2: We'll schedule our calls through my online calendar, ScheduleOnce. Calls with happen between 1pm-3pm Arizona time.

STEP 3: Our call will be hosted through DialPad.

We'll start with your goals and reverse engineer them into a specific, actionable steps.

Is This Right For You?

I don't know, but let me tell you a little more about my background to help you decide.

I've been an Email Marketer & Solopreneur since 2017, written 3 books, have created and sold over a dozen information products and run a small, private community for solopreneurs. 

I've helped people quit their jobs... make $10K a month online... build 6 figure businesses... launch products... and more.

Past or current clients include:

  • Brett Papa
  • Ed Latimore
  • Alex Berman
  • Spy & Survival
  • Chase Dimond
  • The Primal Man
  • Traffic & Funnels
  • Daniel Kelly (Optimized Army)
  • Sean Luger aka Western Mastery
  • Caleb Gregory (Stock Picker's Club)
  • Ryan Booth + Ben Byrne (Church of Clientology)
  • Mike Matthews (Legion Athletics, Muscle for Life)
  • Agora affiliates (Casey Research, Legacy Research, etc.)

And I've helped my clients sell everything under the sun, including workout programs, music courses, financial newsletters, high-ticket offers and nuclear devices (kidding on that last one).

How Much Does This Cost? 

My flat fee ranges where from $1,000-$10,000 and I usually collect an additional performance bonus as high as 40%.

But you won't have to pay anywhere near that much for this phone consultation. 

Instead, we can work together for a small one-time fee.

Why so low? 

I see this as a low-cost, low-risk investment for you to see what it's like working with me... and possibly continue working together in the future. 

NOTE: Crypto payments are accepted!!

Send me a direct message on Twitter (@DennisDemori) if you prefer to pay with crypto and I'll invoice you.

Check Out This Client Success Story

"I'm a 30-year veteran of investment banking. I've closed hundreds of capital raises mergers and acquisitions... restructurings worth over 8 billion dollars. 

Recently I decided to start a coaching and course business to show 7-figure businesses how they could do the deals that I've been doing over the last 30 years on their own.

I really wanted to empower those privately held business owners to be able to do those big life-changing deals on their own and I realized that I needed help with my copy my messaging and my positioning.

I found Dennis online. I subscribed to his newsletter and I loved what I read. Dennis's stuff is simple. It's direct. It's practical. It's actionable. It cuts through all the noise and I said to myself "I gotta hire this guy to help me with my positioning and my messaging... my webpage, my email the whole thing.

And I did.

And I got to tell you it was a fantastic process.

Dennis really works to understand you. To understand your market.

He is quick. He's practical.

What we created was copy and messaging and positioning that was concise. That was clear. That was something that was convincing and compelling and interesting.

And i got to tell you:

The whole experience was a real joy and I continue to work with Dennis on some outreach and some email initiatives.

So if you're looking for help with your positioning, messaging, copywriting or email campaigns i can't recommend Dennis enough.

He does a great job.

He's quick. He's practical. He's just a real pleasure to work with.

He's a great guy.

So if you're looking for that you gotta hire Dennis."

—Greg Porto


30-Day Consultations

If you want more help...

And you'd like me to help you plan ALL of your entire marketing as your Chief Marketing Offer, we can work together on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Message me on Twitter for final pricing — @DennisDemori

Another Client Success Story

"I recently launched my Dope Money Hustlers course with the help of Dennis Demori.

I've worked with him on previous projects and I really like his approach to doing things.

He helped me out when I launched my book about sobriety on Amazon.

And also with another launch with another partner.

But this was the first solo digital launch that I'd done with him.

I think my biggest concerns with the launch was just taking advantage of multiple channels and also crafting create crafting compelling emails that would be engaging to my audience that I don't normally sell to, but would also maximize the selling.

And I didn't think we were going to do that well in the email, but the emails actually accounted for about half of the sales.

We did over nine grand in sales and that was with me not being particularly aggressive at all.

I really think the copy that Dennis crafted and helped me create... Along with the emails that we put together did an incredible job of being of making those sales without me being too aggressive.

I would definitely work with Dennis again

I'm a big fan of his style of organization.

I'm a bit scatterbrained and I've got a million things going on at once.

He's just very good at what he does and really attunes himself to your approach and your outcome.

I anticipate working with him on many more projects."

—Ed Latimore

Former Heavyweight pro boxer (13-1-1). Chess enthusiast. Full-time author.

Is There A Guarantee? 

My goal is to help you walk away with a clear, step-by-step action plan. 

However, there are NO refunds since I'm investing my time in our call and sharing information, so there's no way to "return" them. 

If I believe I can't help you for any reason, you'll get a FULL REFUND immediately and we'll cancel our call.

But Don't Wait...

This is an EXTREMELY limited offer.

My schedule is full with clients, students, and product development. 

I created this offer for those rare instances when I have some downtime. 

That's why I'm only available Thursday afternoons from 1pm-3pm Arizona time.

So I'm making myself available for 1-2 calls a week.

That's it.

Yet Another Client Success Story

“I reached out to Dennis because I was feeling stuck in my business. My revenue was fine, but had been stagnant for about 12 months. As I run a dating/relationships coaching business, my initial thoughts were I needed to get more clients. But Dennis showed me this was the wrong way to think.

This was just the kind of advice I needed, because prior to going to Dennis for a one-on-one call with one month consulting, I was worried whether he would give me the advice I needed. I’d shelled out (much larger) sums of money on coaching in the past with very little to show for it. Primarily because most of the guys I’d worked with focused more on the ‘Wealth’ niche as opposed to the relationship niche. But I knew Dennis had worked with other dating/relationship coaches, so I decided to pull the trigger.

I’m glad I did, because Dennis straightened out a lot of my faulty thinking and gave me clear advice to close the holes in my business. He helped me narrow down my target audience, position myself better and target clear pain points.

We used this information to then create better, more targeted threads (and he gave me actionable advice on writing hooks which was invaluable for my engagement and lead gen). We also used it to create 2 more targeted lead magnets which have helped draw in higher-quality leads to my Newsletter. And we also started a new group offer which has led to more recurring revenue in my business.

One of the best things about working with Dennis was the clarity in which he communicated. There was no fluff, and when describing why I should do xyz he made it abundantly clear to me the reasoning behind it. This helped me get on board with what he was saying and is in contrast to some other coaches I’ve worked with previously.

What did all this lead to? Well, following his exact advice led to me closing a deal with 10x the value of what I paid to him only a week after our call. And the month following was my best months revenue to date. Extrapolate this out and it represents a 50% increase in my potential yearly revenue.

But most importantly was the peace of mind accompanying this. Instead of feeling stuck, like I didn’t know where to turn in my business, I feel as if I have a clear path to growing and expanding – and helping more men improve their dating lives and get into committed relationships as a result.

If that doesn’t convince you of the value of working with Dennis? Well, I don’t know what would. 

Reach out to him.”

Jack Peach

Men’s Relationship Coach

Dynastic Dating

So Here's What Happens Next

1) Click the "I want this!" button at the top of this page

2) Fill out your payment details

3) Once you’re done, you’ll get a confirmation email from Gumroad within minutes.

Important Payment Details

All payment systems are secure.

If you can't complete your purchase for some reason, don’t freak out or give up.

You can send me a DM on Twitter (@DennisDemori) and I’ll help you get squared away.

Dennis Demori

Still Have Questions?

Do you have questions about this offer?

Think it might be a waste of money?

Don't know if it's right for you?

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a Direct Message on Twitter:


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