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Email Inception: Escape Your Job, Start Your Online Business And Land $2,000+ Deals WITHOUT A Portfolio, Results, Or Years Of Experience

Dennis Demori
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Do You Know How To Get Your First Few Email Copywriting Clients?

What does it take to earn consistent, stress-free income as a freelance Email Copywriter online?

I’m not talking about doing lots of $200 projects back-to-back…

I’m talking about making a FULL-TIME income as a freelance Email Copywriter…

WITHOUT having to constantly be on-call for clients...

WITHOUT putting all your hopes and dreams on a single client who can “shut off” your income...

And WITHOUT having to sacrifice the lifestyle you want to live… or be forced to move to a crappy $200/month apartment in Cambodia... because that’s all you can afford.

Is it luck?

Because if luck had anything to do with it…

I wouldn’t be able to lock-in retainer deals so easily...

But according to Email Copywriters everywhere…

It’s “hard” to find clients.

The truth?

Top Email Copywriters almost ALWAYS have a source of RECURRING revenue in their back pocket.

Do you need results or a portfolio?

According to many Email Copywriters...

You need to show some kind of results...

But that isn’t true.

Especially for beginners...

Because if it were, how do you explain the THOUSANDS of Email Copywriters all over the world who’ve been freelancing for YEARS?

How do you think THEY got started?


Everyone starts from zero, myself included.

So there IS a way for you to start landing clients EVEN IF you’re a complete beginner.

And it’s a way that’ll save you:

Hundreds of hours trying to figure this out on your own...

The stress and frustration of wondering when you're going to get some fresh money in your bank account...

Plus thousands of dollars in “lost income” from making costly beginner mistakes.

Do you need a website or special software?

I used to think if I had a “professional” website…

Or sent fancy proposals…

That would somehow make my business more professional and attract clients.

But that never happened.

Instead, I looked at the job boards day after day, in desperation.

Do you know why?

I didn’t understand marketing, sales, or pricing.

(The really IMPORTANT stuff when it comes to landing your first few clients)

Later, through trial and error (plus investing heavily in courses and coaching), I realized that there WAS a process to getting clients.

A REPEATABLE process that anyone could follow.

You see...

You don’t have to settle for low-paying projects or — even worse — getting paid by the hour (or by the email).

The truth is, everyday people – just like you – can make $2K, $5K a month — or more — as freelancer Email Copywriters.

But most people NEVER WILL…

And it’s all because they don’t know what steps to follow.

There Are 3 Simple Steps You Need To Follow If You Want Recurring Revenue As A Freelance Email Copywriter

And today, I’m going to reveal the secret...

A secret other freelancers wish they knew…


Because I used to be in your shoes.

Struggling to pay my bills…

Always stressing out over money…

And wondering where my next client would come from.

Email copywriting can be fun, simple, and highly profitable once you have the "Stranger to Retainer Method" to guide you

It’s the reason I live in a beautiful penthouse apartment today...

It’s the reason I ALWAYS have clients (and time to pursue other projects)...

It’s the reason why I was able to travel and live abroad from 2018-2019 in Latin America, Europe, and Southeast Asia… while working from my laptop.

And it’s the reason I keep getting amazing feedback from people who’ve used my methods.

"There's more value in this e-guide at this price point than anything else out there shy of $500.”

I didn’t know if this book would be a rehash of other info already out there.

Instead I found a clear breakdown on the business side and mindset of freelancing (focusing on revenue-generating activities, what YOU want to achieve, how YOU want to live, etc.).

The checklists at the end are awesome — concise, easy to follow, and work as a recap of the book. I also liked:

1) Absolute clarity on ACTION, rather than just the "theory."

2) Written by someone in the trenches, with experience and insight.

3) Provides a solid base to work up from.

Yes it's an email copywriting guide, but the business/mindset/planning principles covered are suitable for ANY freelance business model and will come in handy as you stack your skills.

I’d definitely recommend it. There's more value in this e-guide at this price point than anything else out there shy of $500.”

Yusuf McNulty

Direct Response Marketing Consultant & Copywriter

So, if you’re willing to keep an open mind…

In the next several minutes, I’m going to take you behind the scenes and reveal...

  • How to get started (even if you've NEVER owned your own business): The ONLY things you should focus on when starting a freelance business (Hint: It's not building a website, designing a logo or creating an LLC)

  • How to find high-paying clients who are eager to work with you: We'll talk about the ONLY 3 ways to attract clients who are happy to pay you fat wads of cash (I'm talkin' monthly retainers of $2,000... or more)
  • How to start building a location independent business. Work from home, your favorite coffee shop, or travel the world.

This means it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to figure out how to quit your job and replace your 9-5 income...

Or if you’re a beginner who’s been struggling to get a consistent income and hit $5K a month…

The Stranger to Retainer Method can help you get the kind of money, freedom, and control you’ve always wanted.

Now, I know that might sound like bullshit…

Because it seems like everywhere you turn, everyone is making wild promises...

But you and I both know that most of them are struggling freelancers themselves…

And they’re hoping to scrape together some easy cash with an e-book that regurgitates advice you can find for free on the internet.

What I’m about to reveal is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

You don’t need to be an expert marketer or salesman to close 4-figure deals.

But thanks to this little known method...

I’ve shown my readers how to get results with Quick Wins.

You won’t have to create a fancy website, scrape emails with confusing software, or build complicated funnels.

If you know how to follow simple instructions, you’ll be able to land retainer clients.

And of course, the better you get at this process, the greater your chances of achieving incredible results.

You won’t have to glue yourself to your computer either.

You don’t need to work 50, 60, or 70-hour weeks to reach your goals.

Because you’ll never have REAL FREEDOM if you’re always working.

Worried you’re going to lose a client…

Or always worrying about the next deadline.

But when you’re using the Stranger to Retainer Method, you’ll see how easy it is to follow...


Working nights and weekends kinda sucks.

I rarely work more than 15 hours a week myself.

And I’d much rather read, hang out with my family, train in martial arts, go to the gym, or jump in the car for a fun road trip.

So I’m guessing you want to enjoy your life outside work too.

You DO NOT need any prior freelance experience whatsoever...

So if you’re completely clueless, that’s fine.

If you’re smart, easy to work with and know how to hit deadlines, you’ll be fine.

You don’t need an LLC… a network of business owners… or have money to invest...

All you need is an internet connection...

Free software like Gmail and Google Docs…

And a way to collect money from clients, like Paypal or Transferwise.

The Stranger to Retainer Method is the ONLY system you need if you want to make a full-time income “working” from your laptop less than a few hours a day.

Because the key to this system is simplicity!

If you follow a few simple principles…

All it takes is — at a maximum — maybe 4 hours a day.

But once you’ve got your business up and running… and you’ve gotten comfortable with the process...

You can decide if you want to cut back, keep growing, or maintain your business with the same amount of time and revenue.

Which means you’ll finally have the chance to experience the kind of freedom that's normally reserved for only the super-rich.

And you can get started today.

In just a moment, I’m gonna show you how the Stranger to Retainer Method works…

But before I do, I should probably tell you a little bit about me…

And why you should listen to anything I have to say.


Hi. I’m Dennis Demori.

My upfront fee ranges from $1,000-$10,000 and usually includes a performance bonus (up to 50%).

I've worked with several well-known 6, 7, and even 8 figure businesses including Ed Latimore, Brett Papa, and Legion Athletics.

As a freelancer, I typically help these clients enjoy 5x-15x returns through their email lists…

But I also create my own products and side projects...

I’ve written three books, including a popular course that teaches the basics of email copywriting.

And I’m helping dozens of freelancers inside my private membership community grow their businesses...

But the thing I love the most? Being time and location independent.

I make my own hours.

I don’t commute to work (anymore).

And I don’t have a boss to tell me jack shit.

This way, I can still have a life outside of work. 

November 2019 in Ubud, Indonesia at the end of a 3-month trip around Southeast Asia

And I don’t say any of this to brag…

I say it to prove a point.

It doesn’t matter what your life looks like right now…

If you know how to talk to people and create value, you can live the lifestyle of your dreams.

I wasn’t born with any sort of special circumstances that made life easier for me.

I grew up in a middle-class family in New York…

My parents are both blue-collar immigrants...

And when I was 36 years old…

I found myself at a crossroads in my corporate career.

I knew I could continue down the same path as my boss…

Working my ass off in a cubicle for 70 hours a week…

Or I could strike out on my own and run my own business.

So there I was, in my mid-30s, a time when many people are basically locked into a career for life…

And I was thinking, “Fuck this. I’m done.”

I’d love to tell you that my first year as a freelancer was a home run, except it wasn’t.

It was a disaster.

So was the second year.

And like everyone else new to freelancing, I made mistakes.

I worked with low-paying, high-maintenance clients…

I undercharged…

And I could never focus on one thing.

I didn’t want to give up, but my patience was running thin.

Then, as luck would have it, an old prospect reached out over Facebook.

In an instant, my life changed.

I was at a family dinner and stepped outside to take a call.

“I was wondering if you could help me with something.”

A couple of days later, I was having breakfast with my soon-to-be client…

And we did a handshake deal for a $5,000 monthly retainer.

“All those screenshots are fake!”

I’m not a fan of revenue screenshots…

And rarely talk about my income.

I know the numbers can be fudged MANY ways…

And I’d rather have my clients, students, and readers do the talking.

Especially since screenshots only show a SNAPSHOT in time…

Instead of an overall TREND…

So the focus is on what happened ONE time…

Instead of again and again.

And I bring this up for an important reason:

Anyone can land ONE client.

Maybe even a pretty good client.

But if you really want to build a successful freelance business…


For as long as possible.

My clients tend to stay with me anywhere from 6 to 18 months.

This is why I rarely take on new clients.

Instead, we’ll work together month after month, as long as we’re both happy.

This is what led me to develop the Stranger to Retainer Method.

Because if you know how to set up retainer deals...

You’ll always have consistent work… and income.

And instead of wasting time chasing down new clients…

You can skip all of that hard work...

And stick with clients who already know, like, and trust you… and pay you well.

"This book... showed me what I was doing wrong in my emails."

"My biggest concern was I’ve already bought e-books that didn't have a lot of value.

But this book helped me create a schedule to stay on track, and showed me what I was doing wrong in my emails. I feel like I should be able to land a client by the end of April.

I also like that it’s actionable; I can take steps as I’m reading it or right when I'm done.

And I can make my money back after landing one client. It's a good resource to flip back to and it helps answer a lot of "noob" questions.

I recommend it because it’s applicable and I believe I’ll land a client soon."

Tyrell Steele

Freelance Email Copywriter

But most retainers aren’t set up correctly...

And I’ve discovered a way to make them even more effective

For the few freelancers who understand the power of retainers…

Most of them screw them up…

And end up working too many hours for too little pay.

But thanks to my proven system...

The Stranger to Retainer Method

I know EXACTLY how to set up these kinds of deals.

Which is exactly how I’ve been able to...

Cut Down On My Time Investment

And land some of the easiest high-ticket retainers available.

The strategy is simple…

We NEVER try to overdeliver.

Instead, we create clear, specific “rules” for doing business together.

We call this the “scope of work”…

And if you want to do retainers the easy way…

You’ll want to create a scope of work that’s easy to fulfill.

The Key To Recurring Revenue

What’s so brilliant about this model is that monthly retainers are pretty much guaranteed income every month.

In fact, since I switched to a retainer model, I love getting $2K, $4K or more every month from every "paycheck."

And I have to tell you that the feeling of SECURITY and CONFIDENCE I now experience each and every day is incredible.

I LOVE the fact that I can do a family road trip to Utah without stressing out about money...

And that I was able to spend the last two years traveling the world, working from my laptop, with money coming in every month.

I also LOVE that I’ll never have to go back to a cubicle...

That I haven't woken up to an alarm clock in over 3 years...

Now, I want you to experience all of this too.

I want you to LOVE your life…every single moment of it.

WITHOUT feeling anxious as you look at the "high" prices on the restaurant menu...

WITHOUT feeling depressed every Sunday night, because you know that tomorrow morning…you’ll have to wake up and drive to your soul-sucking 9-5.

Now there’s a problem with many retainer deals:

They aren’t structured properly…

So although you’ve got consistent cash coming in your door…

You’re still stuck working 10-hour days, which sucks.

But here’s the important thing you need to know about The Stranger to Retainer Method…

Eventually, I figured out the RIGHT way to structure these deals…

So I can help clients WITHOUT working my ass off.

It took some trial and error...

But eventually, I had a breakthrough…

Anyway, I believe NOW is one of the single best opportunities for people just like you to start freelancing as Email Copywriters.

I’ve had hundreds of people in my audience of 20,000 ask me how to get started in freelancing...

So I'm excited to present...

Email Inception

This e-book will show how to use the exact same system I’ve used to build my freelance business as an Email Marketer.

And in the next 90 days, it’s entirely possible that you’ll land your first $2,000 retainer client from the advice shared in this book.

You’ll have a complete, step-by-step system you can use to catapult your income… right from the comfort of your own home.

If you’ve purchased any other business book in the past… I want you to know that this is completely different.

This isn’t a book you can summarize easily…

And it’s not one of those books that only have 1-2 good ideas.

Instead, you can think of this as a handy reference…

It’s a book you can refer to again and again, whenever you get stuck.

I use the frameworks, formulas, and systems in this book to run my OWN business...

This is a summary of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the past 5 years.

Lessons I learned through my own blood, sweat, and tears…

And after investing over $20,000 of my own money in books, courses, and coaching from some of the top direct response marketers in the world…

Including freelancers who make high 6 and 7 figures a year.

Which means you’ll discover what I learned for just a fraction of the cost.

Here’s what you get when you get Email Inception...

  • The most popular types of high-paying freelance careers
  • Why I recommend the retainer model… and why charging by the word, hour or day is usually a waste of time.
  • How to create your high-ticket power offer. You’ll know WHAT to sell and WHY so clients will be crystal clear on the benefits of working with you.

You'll also discover...

  • How to build high-ticket skills that clients are willing to pay for
  • The secrets of "Pareto Productivity" to help you get your most important activities done as fast as possible
  • How to pre-qualify clients so you eliminate tire-kickers ASAP

That's not all. I'll also reveal...

  • A simple sales formula you can use on the phone or with direct messages
  • How to choose your “bullseye” niche so you know EXACTLY what kinds of clients you should pursue for high-ticket retainers
  • The EASIEST ways to find clients through cold email, social media, your current network, and job boards

Finally, I'll share...

  • The basics of Project Management to make sure your retainer clients stick with you for a long time
  • My thoughts on approaching local clients for projects and retainers
  • My favorite tools for running my freelance business

Plus the killer offer you can sell for $2,000 monthly retainers — or higher (and how I charge over $300 per email).

Unfortunately, a lot of email copywriting products are incredibly overpriced…

Or they’re written by Email Copywriters with two months of experience who don’t understand freelancing (and can't even write a basic sales page).

So I’m excited to dispel all the bad information out there. 

Most books are too long and filled with fluff.

I’m self-publishing this book so I can create it and sell it exactly how I want.

I’ve included lots of specific examples that you can apply to your own business.

Plus there are chapter summaries to help you remember and apply the content.

"Everything you need to know and do to start winning clients and making money as an Email Copywriter is in this book."

"I found that all of the answers to my questions were in one place.

I liked it's crystal clear clarity. Do these specific things and you will get your first handful of clients as an Email Copywriter. I also loved:

1 - It's comprehensive. You don't need to look anywhere else to begin earning money as an Email Copywriter.

2 - It's a ridiculous value. The time you save reading this book instead of endlessly trawling the internet for advice is itself worth hundreds of dollars.

3 - It's jam-packed full of actionable advice and resources you can follow to the letter to find your first clients.

The book is really strong and effective. Hard to imagine a more comprehensive or authoritative starter's guide.

Short of doing the work for someone, it’s all here.

So I absolutely recommend it. Everything you need to know and do to start winning clients and making money as an Email Copywriter are in this book.

Thanks for writing this book. You've saved me a boatload of time and money trying to get my first Email Copywriting clients. It's a huge relief."

Daniel Scanlon

Freelance Email Copywriter


This book was originally priced at $19…

And I’ll continue to raise the price as demand increases.

But I’ve made it my mission to get this book into as many hands as possible…

Because I know, without a doubt, that the information contained inside can change your life.

How much does Email Inception cost?

As of today's date, my private clients pay anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 upfront to work with me…

And a percentage of sales as a performance bonus.

Meanwhile, I’ve invested over $20,000 to get my hands on the information shared in this book.

So I think it’d be pretty reasonable to suggest that the lessons inside Email Inception are worth at least $10,000.

But whenever I’m buying anything…

The real question I care about is what is it worth TO ME.

So, I want you to ask yourself right now…

What would it be worth TO YOU if you could consistently land $2000… $3000… even $5000 monthly retainer deals?

What about having the confidence to TURN DOWN bad clients...

...and never have to beg for projects?

What would it be worth if you were making a full-time income from your freelance business...

WITHOUT taking huge risks that make you feel anxious, stressed out, and constantly worried you could lose it all in mere minutes...

WITHOUT having to work nights and weekends and check your email every 30 minutes to see if a client needs anything from you...

And WITHOUT having to sacrifice the lifestyle you want to live… or be forced to move to a third world country... because that’s all you can afford?

I’m sure $10,000 would still be a bargain.

$5,000 would be even better.

$1,000 would be a complete steal… and that’s what I’ll be charging my private students starting on January 1st, 2021.

And it’s worth every single penny.

Because once you’ve got Email Inception…

You can say goodbye to all of those overpriced products who do nothing but give you bad advice...

And you can say goodbye to making unnecessary mistakes that lead to unnecessary losses.

But if you act now...

You can get for just $5 bucks.

Who Is This Book For?

This is a guide specifically for NEW and STRUGGLING freelance Email Copywriters.

So if you're interested in freelancing and don't know where to start...


You've been freelancing for a while, but you've been struggling to build consistency in your business...

This guide will help you find clients, make money, and get focused as fast as possible.

What's Unique About Email Inception?

My goal is to give you a superpower you can carry for the rest of your life:

The ability to find clients and make money — online — whenever you want.

This is the MOST comprehensive book on the subject of getting freelance Email Copywriting clients as a beginner. 

You won't find a better resource at this price.

Advanced Training Bundle ($200 Value)

When you buy Email Inception with this bundle, you're also going to get a special pack of templates, spreadsheets, and worksheets to help you get results even faster.

These are valuable tools I use to run my business.

  • 15-Minute Discovery Call script
  • Action Plan template
  • Daily Journal template
  • Pre-qualification questions
  • Morning Visualization
  • Niche and Offer Worksheet
  • Cold Email Prospecting Spreadsheet


50 Free Ways to Get Copywriting Clients

This special report was a 5-part series for my email subscribers.

It reveals 50 free, popular and lesser-known ways to find freelance copywriting clients.

When you grab the one-time offer the report is FREE with your purchase.

You'll also get two special trainings to help you land clients.

1 - High Ticket Power Offer training

2 - Phone Game Secrets training

The High Ticket Power Offer (Value: $29)

This is a replay of a 38-minute presentation originally created for my paid community.

It's for freelancers who want to build and sell high-ticket offers of $2,000 or more. 

It covers the following topics:

1. What's an offer

2. The #1 question you need to ask

3. 3 things your offers need to deliver 

4. How to create S.M.A.R.T. offers

5. 5 MORE Big Questions To Ask: Who, What, How, When and How Much

6. My high-ticket Power Offer formula

7. Specific examples of offers 

8. Short, medium and long offers

9. Why many offers fall flat

10. The X Factor that NO ONE mentions when it comes to offers

11. How to make your offer STAND OUT 

This is a beginner to intermediate-level training.

Phone Game Secrets (Value: $29)

This training is presented by Mike Becker. He's a retired signal intelligence marine turned direct response copywriter...

Has over a decade of experience in direct response...

And over $50M in online sales from simple text letters and emails.

He's recruited and trained top talent… more than 200 copywriters... and has placed them at top direct response companies like Agora, Jumpcut, VShred and others.

And in this exclusive training, Mike's going to show you EXACTLY what you need to do and say to close high-paying clients on the phone and off.

This is a framework (which includes some scripting) and covers 3 scenarios…

1. You're cold prospecting someone and you get them on the phone for a “strategy or promo planning or idea brainstorm call”

2. You convert someone on a case study or lead magnet that leads them to sign up for a “strategy call” of some kind (still mostly cold/warm)

3. You get a referral from somewhere and they come on to a “discovery” or “strategy call”

Once inside, you'll discover:

  • The 5 powerful secrets that create a predictable, repeatable system for closing high-ticket sales with ease
  • The best ways to prepare for your calls so you can kill imposter syndrome and walk in with confidence 
  • The 5 phases of every sales call so you can walk in with a plan and move prospects from greeting to collecting payment

You're also going to get:

  • An in-depth 1-hour training video that shows you EXACTLY how to lead the call so you close clients FASTER and EASIER than other methods
  • A 4-page script that goes through the exact wording and psychology to use with phone prospects

Mike's charged up to $3000 to teach these secrets to his students. 

And this training is easily worth $997 to any copywriter who applies the techniques and uses them to close more clients. 

But you can grab the training video and call script today as part of this advanced training bundle.

Cold Email Assassins Ebook (Value: $29)

That's not all...

A lot of new freelancers like to use cold email to get clients, so I wrote this book to walk you through my process.

FYI — This is a simple, low-tech method.

If you want to scrape emails, pay for cold email software and send 100 emails a day, Cold Email Assassins is NOT for you.

My process is hyper-personalized and straightforward.

Nuclear Option (Value: $2,400)

If you want to get even bigger, faster results, check out:

  • The Underground Email Client workshop
  • The Evergreen Express Emails workshop

Click here to see the workshop details

Effortless Retainer workshop (Value: $147)

If you choose the Nuclear Option, I'll also throw in the Effortless Retainer workshop.

Click here to see all the details

This a 2.5 hour deep dive that goes retainers in ridiculous detail.

The Underground Email Client workshop and the Evergreen Express Emails workshop were most recently sold for $1,200 each.

And they're $497 when you get them together.

Meanwhile, the Effortless Retainer workshop is $147.

That means you can buy all 3 workshops for $644.

But if you grab them right now as part of the Nuclear Option, you can get these 3 workshops for just $450.

That's a $194 savings (30% off the full price).

Keep In Mind...

The whole idea is to sell email marketing retainers for AT LEAST $2,000 bucks a pop.

That means you can make your money back...

And have at least $2,000 in your hands...

As soon as you land ONE retainer.

Personally, I've used this system to sell even bigger deals.



And higher (if I get paid a piece of the profits).

But don't get TOO excited...

There Are NO REFUNDS On This Product!


But these are DIGITAL products.

So if you buy the Email Inception ebook or any of the one-time offers...

It's impossible to return them.

If you expect a refund, DO NOT buy these products.


The Email Inception e-book ALSO comes with LIFETIME access to updates.

So if I ever update the book, you'll get the new versions of Email Inception included with your one-time investment.

**The current version of Email Inception is Version 2, so it's already been updated in its first year of release. 

Important Payment Details

All payment systems are secure.

If you can't complete your purchase for some reason...

Don’t freak out...

Give up...

Or throw your laptop out the window.

You can send me a DM on Twitter (@DennisDemori).

I’ll help you get squared away.

If you have any questions about the book or aren't sure if it's right for you, please DM me...

And let me know how I can help.

Here’s What Happens Next

1) Click the "I want this!" button at the top of this page

2) Fill out your payment details

3) Once you’re done, you’ll be able to download your book instantly.

A confirmation email will be sent to you from Gumroad within minutes. 

You'll ALSO be added to my email list.

This is to spend the next 30 days helping you apply the lessons in the book. 

You're free to unsubscribe at any time. 

Dennis Demori


This is NOT a motivational book.

This book is NOT about theory.

This book does NOT follow the popular format of one idea per chapter with a long ass story.

This guide is NOT about finding low-paying projects on Fiverr or Upwork.

I'll cover some principles and frameworks to help you understand how to approach your business, but this book is HEAVY on actionable content.

(You'll also get plenty of sample scripts for cold emails and finding clients on social media)

I'm going to tell you exactly what to do, as a beginner, so you can start implementing and seeing results right away.

This is also NOT the kind of book you read once.

My suggestion is to skim through it once and then GO BACK and start applying the instructions in each chapter.

To be 100% crystal clear:

This is an e-book and NOT a physical book.

When you purchase Email Inception you'll receive an email from Gumroad with a link to download the PDF instantly.


In life, you’re always going to be faced with choices.

If you’re not happy with the way things are going in your life right now…

You can choose to do nothing…

...and if you do, not only will things NOT get better, but they’ll probably get worse.

Or, you can choose to take action today…

Arm yourself with the tools and training you need to build your freelance business...

And charge your life forever!

I can’t force you to do something you don’t want to do.

Because at the end of the day…

Only you can decide.

But for the price of lunch for you and a couple of friends at Chipotle…

Or a night out at the movies…

Or grabbing drinks with friends...

And compared to the money you’re LOSING by trying to figure this stuff out on your own…

...and the gains you’re missing out on by not having Email Inception at your fingertips…

This is a smart and TINY investment.


This deal won’t last.

So if you don’t grab it now…

I can’t promise it’ll stay at this super low price.

All you have to do is click the “I WANT THIS” button at the top of this page.

Once you do, you’ll be taken to a secure order form where you can enter all of your information.

After your order is complete, you’ll get an email with your receipt…

And your order so you can start flipping through Email Inception right away.

Thanks again for reading.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.What is The Stranger to Retainer Method?

A. It’s the ONLY method I’m aware of that can help brand new freelancers land high-ticket clients in as little as 90 days.

Q. How is it possible to land retainers without results or a portfolio?

A. There are several reasons for this.

One is how you communicate with clients.

I share around a half dozen ways to overcome this objection in the book.

Q. How is this different from anything else I’ve seen?

A. This isn’t like those other freelance books or courses created years ago…

Or by 20-year-old amateurs looking for a quick buck…

That rehash the same advice about finding clients.

I’ve already updated this book 3 times in the past year, which means you’ll be armed with what’s working TODAY.

It’s the same stuff I use in my own business and the same methods I share with my membership community.

Q. Do you have a guarantee?

A. Here’s what I can guarantee…

You won’t get ANY results with Email Inception if you don’t have it.

Q. How much do I need to know about freelancing or email copywriting?

A. You don’t need any prior knowledge or experience.

HOWEVER… you WILL need to learn email copywriting (or be willing to build it over time).

You can’t expect clients to just hand you money if you can’t help them solve problems in their business.

If you ALREADY understand the basics of email copywriting, you can expect to get results sooner.

If you don't, then obviously it’s going to take more time.

If you’re the kind of person who’s going to quit after two weeks, PLEASE DON’T BUY THIS BOOK.

Q. How much do I need to get started?

A. One of the things I love about freelance email copywriting is that there are literally zero start-up costs.

All you need in most cases is an email address, Google Docs and a way to invoice clients, like Paypal.

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Email Inception: Escape Your Job, Start Your Online Business And Land $2,000+ Deals WITHOUT A Portfolio, Results, Or Years Of Experience

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